I never thought that I would be mistreated by some people I barely knew. I never thought that I would be misplaced in a place called darkness. I never thought that I would be misunderstood by few people whom I really trusted. Mistaken? Yes, indeed! Underestimated? Unfortunately, yes!

Many painful experiences have blotted my very soul. These awful experiences have made me so hopeless, weak and numb. The catastrophes have weakened my faith. Truly, these catastrophes have rendered me lonely. Such painful experiences and dilemmas have brought scars into life. The vigor that I have had before and the valor that I have shown were nothing compared to hundreds of failures and disappointments I’ve had.

I was standing alone in my room, begging for a miracle to happen. I was asking myself, “What have I done to deserve such fate?”

Truly, scars were shouting and starting to kill me, little by little. I had no one to turn to. Suddenly, one deep voice calmly uttered, “My child, I have never underestimated you nor mistreated you. You were never misplaced in my kingdom. You’re loved.”

I was really shocked and confused. Who uttered those strong words? Who touched my heart?

“I am Your Lord and Savior. Even when you’re blotted with sins, I still love you. Remember, I love you at your darkest,” God said.

I felt ashamed and I cried a lot. I realized my mistakes. I was really wrong for being faithless and hopeless.

I knelt down and prayed for forgiveness. God’s with me! He loved me for whatever sins I’ve committed.

With great faith, I can now say these words:

“I am not mistreated. I am not misplaced. I am not misunderstood. I am not mistaken and I am never underestimated.”

Blotted soul, NO MORE!


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