Heart that Touches

He has touched my heart,

Even we’re totally apart.

My heart is of fright,

‘Coz he might break it and take flight!


He has done wonders,

I’m surprised of his prowess,

I’m intoxicated with madness,

He has really touched my heart, goodness!


My heart longs for his touch

Can’t think straight, oh my gosh!

Never been happy this much,

We are really the perfect match!


He’s my friend and my lover,

A man who makes me feel better,

He’s really my one and only dear,

One soul, one tower that is so rare!


One soul in two bodies,

A soul that gives me solace,

One hug that eases,

All my pains and heartaches.


Two bodies with one soul,

Two parts that make a whole,

Two minds that have one goal,

Two hearts become soulful!


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