Struggling Heart


Too many pains I bear,

Too many burdens I shoulder,

Too many spiteful words I utter,

Too many dreadful drawbacks I suffer.


Can you sense my deepest feelings?

Can you feel my miseries?

Can you deter my loneliness?

Can you save me from this horrendous abyss?


Kneel down and succumb to sadness,

Fraught and fathomless,

Shrieking to break the deafening silence,

Searching for your presence.


Worn out and limp,

Can’t even walk or leap,

I am so weak,

Fountain of strength, I want to seek.


My heart’s crushed,

My core’s stabbed,

Please stop!

Don’t hurt my struggling heart!


My downfall, I beg you,

Stop hurting me and don’t go,

My feelings for you are true,

Keep me alive, my waterloo!

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