I think of myself as simple yet fashionable, grumpy yet sweet, insensitive yet thoughtful and aloof (sometimes) yet loving. I may be a lot of things but deep in my heart, I know that I care, damn much. I don’t care about others’ bad perceptions toward me. I don’t mind if they say I’m bitchy, stern and insensitive. I don’t need to prove myself. I don’t need to brag and tell the world what I am. It’s enough that they love me – those people who truly know me, inside and out. Who cares about those people who have misjudged me? Who have labeled me as ‘cheap’? Who have thought the worst thing about me? Who have come across my life and then have left suddenly? I just care about those people who always believe in me, those wonderful souls who love me despite my weaknesses and shortcomings and those beautiful creatures who accept me at my worst. To those people who really love me, THANK YOU SO MUCH <3<3<3


Simply being me.. 🙂


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