Who’s Jeanie? (shhhhh)

According to my friends, this is the real me:

“I just wanna let you know, you’re a very beautiful lady and I see so much in you that could make the world a better place to live in. I’m just so lucky to find a friend like you who is filled with punk, life and laughter. Keep it up, Jeannie girl! You’re one, hot mama!” 😀 – Praise

“Torch bearer, wise cracker, counselor, some of the distinguishing features of you; surprisingly a true friend who’s always ready to respond to the one who is calling; the one who shows no feebleness; one who never talks big; maybe an owner of a sharp tongue but polite enough not to hurt anyone; true human, true person that needs heed but if all else fail, six souls with warm hearts will give you an embrace.” – Chard

“She’s simple and cheerful. She’s very sentimental, too.” – Ate Cecil

“A wandering soul with great thoughts..” – Chard


Uhhh, very affirming and touching. Thanks! 🙂



One thought on “Who’s Jeanie? (shhhhh)

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