Life-changing Questions :)

Friends, let me just ask you these questions. You may opt not to answer but please try to assess yourselves through these simple yet life-changing questions.

1. Have you found joy in your life?
2. Have you given joy to others?
3. Is your faith strong? Are you doubting?
4. What do you want to see every day?
4. Are you hurting?
5. Are you denying the difficulties you have?
6. What do you run for?
7. What matters most for you?
8. For whom does your heart beat?
9. What are you passionate about?
10. How do you see yourself?
11. Why are you so restless?
12. Do you always complain?
13. Do you take every problem seriously? lightly?
14. Do you take care of yourself?
15. Do you bear grudges and resentments?
16. Do you always compare yourself to others?
17. Do you fully accept yourself?
18. Do you have many fears?
19. Do you feel rejected and abandoned?
20. Do you find yourself lovable?
21. Do you consider yourself a blessing?
22. Do you pay attention to your own needs?
23. Are you appreciative of every little things in your life?
24. What gets you up in the morning?
Simple questions yet difficult to answer. Please assess yourselves. Try to answer these questions and you will be amazed with the results.
Read. Reflect. Pray. God is with us! Let’s claim His abundant blessings. 🙂

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