Praying for  a sign,

I went to the shrine;

I knelt down and cry,

Waiting for another try.

Sign, sign, let me see it now;

Tell me how and how;

With prayers and tears, I bowed;

My heartbeat was fast and loud.

With faith and patience, I waited;

To the bosom of the shrine, I headed.

No direction to tread,

I hopelessly begged.

Let this sign appear,

To ease my fear;

Willing to wait and bear,

Just to see the sign, oh dear!

One moment, it was there;

Indeed, making me shed a tear;

Different emotions altogether,

That sign signifies forever!

Thank You for the light,

Thank You for that beautiful sight,

Thank You for the sign that’s so right,

A sign that I would hold on tight.

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