She’s hurt, unloved and alone. She suffers from a broken heart (Again?) Now what? Is it possible to find a new love despite her 30-something-age? Is she entitled to another fruitful relationship with another man? Would she really let go of the past and start to move on with her life? Would she be happy again despite everything that has happened?  Would she finally meet her match? Would that man be the right guy for her? Can she still marry and have children?  Would she find that bliss she thought she’s lost many years ago? The answers to those questions lie on her hands. Only she can answer those questions. If only she could make up her mind.. if only she were open to change and to another romance, it wouldn’t be too difficult to find her own happiness.. If only I could help her pass that depressing stage of her life. But how can I? She doesn’t want to listen to. She has her own decisions and principles in life. I am just a friend, a friend who’s willing to exhaust all means just to make her happy. If only she could realize my concern, our concerns.. If only she’s ready for a change.. If only..

The sad truth is, she doesn’t want to change..she doesn’t want to be better.. she’s stuck with I-STILL-LOVE-HIM-DILEMMA. IF ONLY!

#I always tell her that at the end of the day, she’s still the one to decide on her happiness. Well, what can I do if she’s not yet ready to be happy? These are the three things that I can do for her: to cheer her up a little, to support her and pray for her!

#I hope she will feel better soon.. Patience is a virtue but time is gold !


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