One of my saddest moments (Revisiting Old Memories)

It was on the 2nd week of May, 2009 when my heart was shattered into pieces because Jim passed away while he’s on board. He was killed by his colleagues and I couldn’t help but hating those greedy men who slew a good man. I thought I could still see him after his work but I was totally wrong. I lost the man I loved. It was painful!

A few days had passed, another important person in my life left me. It was my grandmother—my grandmother’s younger sister. Mamay, as we fondly called her, passed away due to asthma attack. I saw her husband, hugging her remains. We didn’t expect that early loss of a family member. I lost a granny, a friend and another avid fan. My life has never been the same since she left us.

I thought life was really unfair during that mourning stage. It’s difficult to move on but hey, there’s God out there who healed and inspired my whole family. We became stronger and close to one another. Hill songs and Casting Crowns became a part of my life. These songs gave me hope whenever I felt down. God’s really good for He has given me instruments to support and love me whatever pitfalls I experienced.


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