Mother: My Angel and Heroine

Beyond words, beyond riches,

Beyond fame, beyond any attainment,

Beyond dreams, beyond failures,

Beyond all these things, Mother still cares.

With no direction, she is my guide,

With too much aches, she is my comforter,

With too much secrets, she’s my confidante,

With too much loses, she’s my tower of strength.

Mother’s care is everywhere,

Mother’s love is really rare,

Mother’s guiding hands are softer,

Mother’s words are kinder.

My Mother is my heroine,

My Mother is my gentle angel,

My Mother is my great tower,

My Mother, yes, that’s my Mother!

** I posted it again for the benefit of all my new followers (especially to those mommies out there). This poem is dedicated to my ever-devoted mom and to my loving grandma. Also, this is for all those friends of mine who have been good mothers to their children! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you! Keep on teaching us and touching our lives, dear ANGELS! 🙂 **



20 thoughts on “Mother: My Angel and Heroine

  1. This is beyond beautiful. I just shared it on Facebook so that all my friends could read it. I’m going to read it to my mum later. Thank you for this heartfelt poem. Bless your heart.

    • Hahha.. Yeah, I am not Annie; I am Jeannie, dear. Thanks for the wonderful comment. Yeah, I wrote it for my supermom! Where’s your mumma? If you don’t mind my question.. 🙂

      • 🙂 I stay with my parents and few minutes ago mumma asked me as I was lying on her lap whether I could write a poem about her. Now I’m gonna make her read ur poem 🙂

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