An Open Letter to my Better Half

Dear Husband,

I hate to say this but you’ve really changed. Yes, changes that really made us uncomfortable with each other. I despise your weak alibis, ugly lies and effortless ways. Ohh, how I hate those things that are not really manifestations of your old self! You’ve changed a lot. Yes, you’ve changed a lot, making me so damn hurting. Why? What have I done to deserve such cold treatments? Have you forgotten our commitment? your promises of being with me through ups and downs of my life? Have you realized that I am not the one for you? Have you changed your feelings for me?

Sigh. Many questions, many speculations, many unexpressed feelings. Indeed unfathomable! I am tired of hearing lies, alibis and broken promises. I’m sick of those acts! Oh please, spare me those heartaches. I need you to answer my questions. I need you to clarify those unfinished business between us. I need you, here beside me to patch things up. I am really tired and sick of not being open. I am fed up with those pent-up emotions! Spare me those pains, please!

As days pass by, we become strangers to each other. We’re not talking anymore; we’re not exchanging sweet messages. I missed those days that you’re giving me flowers, sending me sweet texts, taking me to any restaurant that you fancy. Yes, I also missed those ‘I love yous’. When was the last time that I heard it from you? I can’t remember anymore. So sad!

I thought we’re perfect for each other but I’m wrong. I am really wrong. Now that you’ve heard my piece, would you reply to this? I’d love to hear your rants, your feelings, your thoughts hidden within. Let’s patch things up. We need to. It’s now or never.

I still love you. No one else.

Your wife

(This letter is inspired by the post that I’ve read. A post about a couple who’s struggling because of lack of communication. I do hope that the couple can really resolve their problems. I believe that communication is the key to any relationship.)



8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Better Half

  1. Please give me the link to the couple’s blog who are struggling . My girlfriend says that as the time passes by that new ness and excitement gets over. though this doesnt sound giid but still i thunk at least she hinestly tell her feelings.

  2. Wow, for a moment there I thought you really were having such troubles. That’s how good you were portraying the rawness of the emotion. Well done!

    • Oh thank you very much, Jake.. Nah, I’m not yet married. 😀 I hope I won’t have such issues when I am married. **keeping my fingers crossed**
      Thanks for the comment and the likes.. 🙂

      • Well, I think you’ve learned one thing before you get married, when you do: communication is essential. Sometimes both partners harbor feelings they don’t express, and they may come up for the wrong reason for the estrangement feelings. Men, especially when they have children (and when the wife stays home with the kids) get passionately involved in work — the hunter/gatherer instinct, and they forget that there are other important priorities. The wife may think she isn’t loved — but maybe the husband sees all the kids getting cuddles, and he’s not! There are many reasons for marriages to go through bad patches, but if couples take the time to share their feelings, they’ll be better off for it. The other advice I have found useful is that the only person I can change is ME, and I have found that when I change the people around me change too.

      • Oh thanks for this meaningful advice! I would definitely remember this when I have my own family in the future. With age and varied experiences comes wisdom. 🙂 Thank you.. Someday, I will also have something to tell and share with my grandchildren– the fruitful & meaningful marriage I have with their grandfather… There is no perfect marriage because of two imprefect imperfect individuals but I guess it’s all about respect, understanding, honesty, trust, loyalty, friendship, patience and communication. When we put these together, love blooms. 🙂 Hope you’re having a blessed and happy life with your family.. God bless!

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