My heartfelt gratitude to my 423 followers/friends

My heart is really thankful to those people who give me inspiration in writing different articles, poems and letters and in creating various inspirational quotes. Thank you also to those followers who never fail to acknowledge and appreciate my work, even the smallest and simplest ones.. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

To those people whom I talk outside the WordPress site, thanks for giving me the opportunity to interact with you and to know you better. I have gained more friends because of blogging and I am proud and blessed to have you.

Let us continue to touch and transform souls. Don’t quit on giving inspiration to others. Who knows, your writing can keep someone going despite their dilemmas or predicaments. So, folks, ladies, mates, gentlemen, and my countrymen, BLOG MORE! 🙂

P.S. I am still single but definitely not available. Haha. I am not yet married but I am inspired to read and write articles about family and marriage.

To those people who would like to connect with me on Twitter and GoogleTalk/E-mail, here are my accounts respectively:




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