You don’t have any right to hurt us like this!!!

imagesDear Men,

It’s never right to hurt women physically. We’re not your punching bags, for Pete’s sake!

-Jeannifer Peralta

8 thoughts on “You don’t have any right to hurt us like this!!!

  1. I am with you in your appeal to reason and to the humanity in the male species. Not all men though have the gall to inflict pain on another person less physically endowed than him. These men usually are those with low self-esteem that they need to show their “superiority” by imposing himself on the “weaker” (only physically) species.

    All of us – male and female – are creatures made in the image and likeness of the Creator. That only means that, aside from our biological make-up, we have souls by which we also belong to the spiritual realm.

    Abusive men may subdue a poor woman’s body, but never her spirit!

    • I agree! Thanks for this nice comment. Let’s just hope for the best. Let’s pray that the violence against women will be lessened or eradicated. Good day! 🙂


    • Does it become feminist? Hehee.. Of course, I can’t say, DEAR SOME MEN.. or DEAR FEW MEN.. it’s somewhat awkward to read or hear it.. 😀 It’s quite obvious that I am not pertaining to all men, goodness! 🙂

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