Sadness strikes again!

Sadness strikes again!

Ohh! How I despise this state of mind where I can’t laugh aloud and talk much! Indeed sad. I’m staring blankly at the screen and thinking on how to cheer myself up. What am I supposed to do to brighten my mood? Well, I read inspirational posts of those people who seem to be my angels today. They lighten up my mood for a while. Aside from their posts, I also look at my older posts especially those that tackle happiness. Happiness is a choice. It is! I am telling myself not to be sad, to focus on the bright side of life, and to remain hopeful despite those not-so-good-circumstances.

Yes, sadness really strikes once in a while. It’s somewhat irritating but then again, it gives me an opportunity to appreciate the joy that life can offer me. Also, it helps me to value the smiles of other people.

Wew! Sadness, go away! Happiness, come forth this May! 🙂

Cheer up, Jeannie! Life is so beautiful! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Sadness strikes again!

  1. Ánimo! The sun always comes up again! I started my blog with things I loved as a reminder in case of need. Even though it is a very young blog, i hope it can help you even if it is a little bit.

  2. well, you know, I’m dealing with the exact problem these days! and I can do nothing about it! probably we need to be sad and down for some days, just to be a little honest to ourselves.
    I dunno !!!

  3. Do my publicist and I know sadness! Sometimes it comes sweeping in, always uninvited. And when it’s there, it’s like a boulder that you can’t push aside no matter how many Rumi quotes you reread or laps you run around the development.

    You’re right. There is always that reminder that this is temporary and will disappear as quickly as it came. This last episode was diffused by a phone call to a trusted sibling who always has a way of putting things into perspective. Thank you for sharing and we hope you are having a wonderful day today, xo LMA

  4. It is okay to be sadm so long as you know life isn’t. Another poet inspired me recently by saying that it is not a bad life, just a bad day today (or something like that, I found it profound and true). It gets better, the sad things make us appreciate the good things more. If everything was good, we would not know it. So, be sad today, safe in the knowledge that tonight could be a delight and tomorrow is potentailly perfect. Kind regards, Baldy 🙂

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