Sometimes, batt…

Sometimes, battling against inner struggles is harder than dealing with people around me.




It’s raining heavily..My heart seems so gloomy.. I can hear the sound of wind and rain pounding our roof and walls. Why does sadness strike me whenever it rains? Why does my heart begin to bleed as the rain pours? Why ohhhhhh why?

We only have two seasons here in the Philippines: the rainy season and summer. It’s very obvious that summer’s over and rainy season has begun! Oh no! Some people say that they like rain.. Well, I don’t like it. I have many reasons to tell! First, I hate thunderstorms and lightnings, I am scared of them! Second, rain brings me sad emotions. Third, I can’t hang out with my friends because of typhoons and floods. Fourth, I don’t like the roads when they’re wet. Fifth, I can’t sleep well during typhoons. Sixth, I become moody when it happens. Seventh, I am just a weird lass! 😀

On the other hand, when sadness strikes again and when rain starts to pour heavily, my heart and mind collide and produce some awesome poems and stories that mirror my hidden emotions. When it rains, it pours! 😀

I hope this sadness will eventually fade.. Hmmmmm, I think, I need to drink cappuccino to ease this empty feeling.. 🙂 Want some? :DD Ohh,, I miss Starbucks! 😀

Jeannie in the bottle