First day high! 🙂

My first day of school is great! There are many students around me, freshmen and old ones.. Time is really fleeting! It only seems yesterday when we ended the previous school year and now, here we are, experiencing the first taste of the school year 2013-2014.

It really brings me mixed emotions whenever I see my students hanging around the school premises. Wow! I feel great as I see them catching up with their dear friends. I am proud that I am a part of their learning experience. I also feel sad because I can’t see my former students who have graduated recently. Students come and go but they do leave one awesome mark in my life. Whether they’re old or new, they still give me inspiration. Yes, I am still inspired because of them!

Hope emanates within me.. I know that this new set of students will definitely touch my heart again. For this, I look forward to spending with them the next 9 months of my vocation. Yes, it’s back to school again! Good luck to me and to my new students..

Teaching. Touching. Transforming lives. 🙂

-Jeannifer Peralta


6 thoughts on “BACK TO SCHOOL!

  1. Good luck. I know you will impact the lives of your student in a very positive way. I still remember my grade 8 middle school teacher who helped me with my confidence and my awesome High school teachers during senior year. Their encouragement and preparation meant I was able to enjoy my University.

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I love what I am doing and I am happy with my vocation.. Stay inspired, Centrist! 🙂 take care.. Thanks for this wonderful comment..

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