We can’t predic…

We can’t predict the future. Who can? Nobody. Only God knows..Nothing is guaranteed in this world. People change. Plans change. Feelings change!


6 thoughts on “We can’t predic…

  1. You got it right there. Question then , if that aspect of guarantee is not there, why give your all to another if you know you are a tender hearted creature and that if they ever walk away they will walk away with a great chunk of you. simply put, how do you know that you have got it right ?

    • You mean, why do I fall in love? Because it feels great.. Although nothing is guaranteed, I still believe in happy ending.. If not, at least, I try.. at least, I fall.. if he’s a wrong person, then I’ll walk away and will carry the lessons.. 🙂 Thanks for this wonderful comment.. 🙂

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