A Tribute to my One-and-Only Glee! (Lea to Cory)

No more happiness, baby.

How I really feel sorry,

Ohh, I miss you terribly,

Can you give me a tight hug before you leave me?

Dreaming of a happy-ever- after story,

We promised to love each other heartily.

We vowed to marry,

But now, I, alone, speak of despondency.

Sometimes, life is unfair!

Why can’t we be together?

That saddest goodbye, I can’t bear.

Oh, how I long for your every stare!

No more wedding bells and kisses,

No more bliss!

What I have is terrible sadness,

Why do I have to suffer like this?

Ashes are everywhere,

Darkness is here,

I can see the bier,

The sarcophagus is near!

I can no longer hug you, baby.

I can’t kiss and see you daily,

Oh, you’ll be away in perpetuity!

That awful goodbye makes me so scrawny.

Goodbye, my husband-to-be,

I regret that we won’t even have a jubilee,

All I can give you is a eulogy,

Yes, a tribute to my one-and-only glee!

#This poem is lovingly dedicated to Ms. Lea Michele of Glee. I know it’s really hard to realize that the man of your dreams left you unexpectedly. No more wedding bells for Cory and Lea. How sad! The news about Cory Monteith made me sad. I am not a Glee fan but the news of his death is kinda gloomy. My condolences and prayers to Ms. Lea Michele of Glee.. Stay strong, girl!