Are you his priority?

It is good to know that someone makes you his top priority although he is really busy.
If you have this kind of guy, never let him go. On the other hand, if your guy takes you for granted, makes you wait for nothing, prefers doing his hobbies than being with you, gives you broken promises and utter sweet lies, well, you have to let him go. I tell you, that guy is not really into you.

Always remember, don’t settle for anything less. 🙂 Stay inspired, fellows! 🙂

Hugs and kisses

Jeannie in the bottle ❤

22 thoughts on “Are you his priority?

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    • Thanks for the comment, Ray. Yeah, we are sometimes guilty of those things. Not only men but also women.. Well, we should not really settle for anything less, right? 🙂 Keep smiling!



      • It’s 8am here… (I am in the U.S.) North Carolina… I get to spend the day with my 2 kids today. It’s a Sunday ritual here. I love my Sundays. 🙂

      • That’s so nice.. Yeah, Sunday is really family day! Yehey.. hahaha.. good for you and the kids.. 🙂 I also love Saturdays and Sundays because I have time to bond with my family. Weekdays are for my hectic schedule hehee..

      • Wow! Few years from now and you’ll become a grandfather hahahaa. (But not too soon) Cherish those moments with them. Sometimes, other parents complain that when their children become adults, the bonding time becomes minimal.. I hope it won’t happen to you and the kids. Enjoy! 🙂

      • I have ALWAYS said, when people ask me how old my kids are “It’s a good age.” They are ALL good ages. I like to see my kids grow into the WONDERFUL personality that they are. I like to see growth. They are both just fantastic kids. They are my focus.

      • That is so SWEET, Ray. I wish my future husband would be that sweet and supportive to our kids. 🙂 Stay thoughtful, sweet and loving to your kids. They are your gems. 🙂 It’s nice to hear stories like this..

  2. Good morning Coded Jeanie. Liked this I did. For me its about choices. The best kind of partnerships are those where the two parties make choices TOGETHER. If you have a partner who doesnt make choices about you or with you boy is it deflating and dis-HEARTening. Great reminder to put out there xx

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