Acceptance is t…

Acceptance is the first step to free yourself.

-Jeannifer P.


10 thoughts on “Acceptance is t…

  1. Aww. . .I’m so sorry. I can just imagine how sad it must be to have a husband that doesn’t seem to care. What’s wrong with some men? Are they stupid or something? I’m really starting to wonder.

    • Hmmm some are really stupid to let go of their wives.. 🙂 Hopefully, my future husband wouldn’t be so stupid like them. 😀 I’m still single but not available anymore.. 😀 Stay connected!

    • You’re welcome, Michael. Your blog is such an inspiring one! I do hope to talk to you in the future.. 🙂 I am an aspiring writer/poet and I want to create a harmonious relationship with the WordPress people who are already professional writers.. 🙂

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