Busy as a bee!

Hello fellas! It’s been many days since I was out of reach. I’ve been too busy preparing for the upcoming Division Schools Press Conference. I, together with my colleagues, conducted a two-day seminar that’s also a part of our thorough preparation for the said event. I’ve had taxing days, sleepless nights, and busy weekends..Heck, no wonder, hyperacidity struck again the other day!

I’m sorry if I’ve been away for weeks. I hope you understand, the honor and joy of our school are at stake here so I need to focus first on honing my students’ journalistic skills. I still have many things to do to help them improve. I believe that they can conquer the DSPC again (just like what we did last year!) **fingers crossed**

Please pray for our success. I have one month to train my students to be the best journalists in our division. Next aim is to join the RSPC! Woohhhh! I hope we can make it again.. praying… praying.. praying.. 🙂

To God be the glory!

Take care guys.. I miss you all. To my new followers despite my absence, thanks! Enjoy reading my previous posts. I’ll check yours when I get free time.. 🙂 God bless!

Jeannie in the bottle


16 thoughts on “Busy as a bee!

  1. GoodLuck po & may God bLess you on the upcoMing Division Schools Press Conference.. I realLy missed my eLementary grades esp of being part in DSPC, in short, I missed being a CJ ( Campus JournaList ) .. 🙂

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