Stupidity sometimes knocks..

Urrrrgh! I lost something tonight and I was too dumb not to notice it. Urrrgh, I lost my wallet. The only thing that I am thankful for is that it doesn’t have my IDs there..Urrrh.. I wish it could be replaced. That wallet was a gift of my dear friend and the fact that it had money inside it, waaaaaaaaaaah! Stupidity struck well! I should have looked at the chair of McDonalds where I sat while waiting for my friends. Damn it! I lost 500 + pesos.. I could have bought one bag using that money. Too frustrated for that negligence.. I won’t use wallet anymore! PROMISE!




9 thoughts on “Stupidity sometimes knocks..

  1. I understand the frustration… It must feel like when I lost my cellphone and I had very limited money at the time. But you’ll forget it soon, Jeannie, before you know it… 🙂

  2. Shocks !! Damn !! Don’t worry ma’am, you wilL stilL have soMething more than that .. 🙂 We just hope that you just repLaced it than soMeone had stoLe it .. 🙂

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