My One and Only YOU **Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho**

The segment about love (My One and Only You, 40:22 minutes of this video) really made me cry! Ulrich, a Swiss National, came to our country because of his love to his wife. It’s sad to say that he was cheated by his Filipino wife and it made me hate that woman..He’s now 52 year old, living in Cebu, Philippines. He’s selling munchkins in front of a school. He has nowhere to go but he doesn’t like to go back to his country because he likes to live here despite what has happened to him and to his wife. Good thing, there are many Filipinos in Cebu who like to help him. One of his friends even pays his apartment rent. Gosh, his story is so touching! He’s currently in love with another Filipina who really shows him that life isn’t about money and not all Filipinas are gold-diggers. Wow! I salute that woman. Please watch this video. MY ONE AND ONLY YOU SEGMENT OF KAPUSO MO, JESSICA SOHO! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My One and Only YOU **Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho**

  1. I know this video po . Together with my ate, we watched this.. we realLy hate those women who did those bad things to him .. his money was all lost .. yeah !! but the good thing that was happened to him was, there is still a person who heLped him .. and that Swiss National is always welcome in the home of his friend who is paying his apartment monthLy .. 🙂

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