It’s raining again..

Why do I have this gloomy feeling during rainy days? It makes me sick and nostalgic.. I dunno why! The bad weather starts to get into my nerves.. Grrrrr! Classes are suspended here in our place and in Metro Manila. Why? Because of the conspiracy of Typhoon Maring and Southwest Monsoon! Haaay! Why can’t I just go to the school and finish all those damn loads of work. The submission of grades will happen 2 weeks from now and I’m running out of time. I still have to train my dear journalists for the upcoming DSPC. Waaah! This rain sucks.. Aside from the trouble it brings, I also feel so sympathetic to those victims of flashfloods and landslides all over Luzon. The chaos that these natural phenomena bring makes me more melancholic. I hope that this shall pass. That the wrath of typhoon will spare us soon!

It’s raining again…… it makes me sad again…. It triggers nostalgia again.. Rain.. rain.. rain , please go away!


4 thoughts on “It’s raining again..

  1. Whenever rain starts getting to me, I pick a place somewhere else where it is dry, and I tell the rain to go play over there for awhile. Somehow the one sided conversation seems to help me put aside the downs and direct energies wherever I need them to be, like the puddles in my basement.

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