Praying for my Country


It’s been days since it started raining. Flood victims are everywhere; chaos, evacuations, casualties and relief goods are evident. Goodness! Typhoon Maring and the southwest monsoon bring vast damage to people’s lives and properties. This is the wrath of nature! I pray that this too shall pass. I believe that we, Filipinos, are resilient and pliant.. We can overcome this through prayers and cooperation. This is just a test. Indeed! Good thing that there are still many people, in and out of the country, who are praying for those victims and who are more than willing to extend assistance, financially and morally.

Most of all, I know that God will never forsake us. He’s an awesome God! Just like what the Bible says, “God will fight for you; all you have to do is to be still.”

Yeah, we lift everything to God. He knows what’s best for us. I believe that He’s here to fight for us. I know it! I trust Him fully. Now, let’s continue praying because prayers can move mountains!

Jeannie in the bottle

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