Hello fellow bloggers! I miss you.. I have been too busy with RETREAT, training and a lot of stuffs. I have recently been to Baguio where our faculty retreat happened. It’s a momentous event that really captured my heart. Our facilitator  taught me a lot in terms of different aspects of life. That three-day retreat gave me another chance to meditate, to reflect and to unwind. Thanks to our administrators who made it happen!

I’m already back and I am excited to post again, to share my thoughts and emotions with you again, and to feel the happiness whenever I get the opportunity to communicate with all of you. Thanks to those 1,023 supportive followers of mine despite my absence.. Thanks to all the support and friendship! Don’t worry, I’m just here! Let’s continue sharing what we have, what we know and what we feel! God bless everyone!

Chat with you soon 🙂 Cheers!

-Jeannie in the bottle