T R Y by Pink

The lyrics of this song really caught my attention. The song was really beautifully written! Two thumbs up to one of the greatest RNB singers in the world — PINK!

“Funny how the heart can be deceiving,
More than just a couple times.
Why do we fall in love so easy,
Even when it’s not right..”

This track, “Try” is the official second single of Pink from her sixth studio album “The Truth About Love.” Enjoy watching this awesome video! 🙂


When You Need To Break Up With A Toxic Friend

Thought Catalog

A friendship is not something you can give up very easily. Time is funny like that, in that it binds people together despite a lack of common ground. Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to believe I spent that much time on an unhealthy friendship. Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to believe I have been emotionally abused for 10 years without realizing it. But I grew up and I developed my self-esteem. I should have known that any form of self-confidence had no space in this friendship. But I figured out what I deserved; I deserve a better friend.

Nobody should put up with a friend who makes them feel like the worst version of themselves. Nobody deserves a friend who constantly brings you down every chance she gets. Nobody deserves a friend who makes you keep your dates to yourself in fear that she will feel even worse…

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