Another Version of Love :)

Five years ago, I fell in love. A mixture of excitement, fear and happiness hit my whole being. What’s with me? I could have chosen another one but I decided to give it a try. “Why the hell not?” I asked myself. It’s more of happiness and excitement indeed! Just like others, it was never pure bliss. I encountered many downfalls and challenges during those momentous years. Falling in love wasn’t that easy. I sacrificed a lot and I cried sometimes because of that love. There were times that some of my friends and even family members told me that I deserved someone and something better. It made me think to give up but I continued loving because I wanted to prove them wrong.


After five years, I realized that love wasn’t really enough. I started doubting if I could still hold on to this love. Why? I felt it wasn’t reciprocated at all. You know, the give-and-take-relationship.. I observed, it’s more of giving and giving on my part. I just received a little appreciation. But just like other lovers, I continued loving and I ignored some pieces of advice that came along my way… But boom! One day, I woke up realizing that I should end this love, not for anybody else’s sake but for myself. I promised myself to give one last shot to feel the warmth of his love and his care… One last year and the end of this blissful lovestory!


For years, this love has been my comfort zone but I guess, I have to move on and find the right one for me. It’s time to go and feel the warmth of love offered by others. Who knows, that future love will be my forever. 🙂

—This is not your ordinary love story. It’s more of life changing decisions.

—Alam ng mga malalapit kong kaibigan kung ano ang tinutukoy ko. Matagal din akong nainlove… Matagal ko ring pinagbigyan ang sarili ko.. But soon, I really have to let go.. Katulad ng iba.. Gusto ko rin kasing makasama naman ang siyang magbibigay sa akin ng true love. ❤️❤️❤️ I DESERVE TO BE HAPPIER.. Masaya naman ako ngayon pero alam kong mas sasaya ako sa tunay na magmamahal sa akin. SOON. Hinihintay ko na lang ang isang proof na pwede ng magLET GO. Malapit na siyang dumating.. Tiwala lang!



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