LETTING GO (Repost –01/01/14)

I posted this on my Facebook account on January 1, 2014. I just want to share it again! πŸ™‚


I decided to let go of all those things that I have been keeping for many years. Discarded. Disposed. Got rid of. Set loose. Let go. No bitter feelings. No qualms. I just felt the need to discard those things — from notebooks, test papers, projects (HS to college), magazines, newspapers, sketches, drawings, etc.. Yay! Been keeping them for so long. Now, there’s enough space in my room..I’m overjoyed.. I’m proud of myself because I let go of those things that I thought I would still be keeping in the future.

First step: ACCEPTANCE. I accepted the fact that they were not useful anymore.

Second step: CHOICE. I chose the important things from useless ones.


Letting go isn’t easy but when you do, it feels great! Totally EMANCIPATED!

hahaa, grabe, nag-general cleaning lang eh bwhahhha..


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