Think YOU CAN’T make a DIFFERENCE?!?

True! This quote was written on the wall of our classroom when I was in high school.. My HS life suddenly occupied my mind.. 🙂

The world is out of control!
You feel helpless?!
You want to do something?
But you don’t think ANYTHING you can do will make a difference?

You CAN make a difference!
You can be kind NOW! You think that’s too simple to matter?
What if everyone became kinder? What if the world were kinder?

No beheadings …..
No riots….
No beating people unconscious in elevators…..
No Attacking others because of the color of their skin…..

You can’t do that without kindness!
So be kind and hope your kindness is contagious to others! To those around you!

Simple? YES!! Sometimes all
It takes is a simple act of

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2 thoughts on “Think YOU CAN’T make a DIFFERENCE?!?

  1. Hi Jeannie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree totally with your post. It begins with “me” — kindness, caring, love for fellow fallible human beings. How I treat someone might change their day for better or worse, but I chose to try and make it better. I know how kind words affect me, so I try to forget what’s not going right in my world, and share a smile with someone who might be having a worse day than I am!

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