Carry no luggage,

Carry no worries,

Carry no judgment,

Carry no hatred.

Leave your old baggage.

Live life as if you’re not hurt.

Leave pains and regrets.

Yes, leave your past behind!


My Angel and my Heroine

Who else would be my dearest angel and remarkably brave heroine? Of course, that’s my MOTHER!! 

Mom is Dad’s one and only Queen and our source of light next to God. She’s our joy, our inspiration, our strength and our life!!! I’d never trade her for any treasure or money in the world. She’s too precious to lose!! She’s indeed a gem to our family. I’m blessed to have her in my life!’

P.S. To all moms out there, happy Mother’s Day to all of you. 😘😘😘 Keep on shining! Stay beautiful, healthy, sexy, motivated, blessed and strong! God bless.. 😊😊😊

Jeannie is definitely back! 😊😊😊

Hi! I’m definitely back.. It’s been so long since I last updated my blog. I’m very sorry for the lag. I’ve been too busy in school. Activities here and there. Hosting on and off.. Urghh… Yay! Well, it has been like that for many years. I’m used to it. Well, let’s not talk about my busy schedule. Let’s talk about life and happiness! 😀😀😀

I’m really glad that I still see some of my old friends in here. Thank you for staying despite my absence. I truly appreciate your comments, likes and reblogs. Please keep in touch. I will update you more soon! Worry not.

Take care. Spread JOY and LOVE! I miss you, friends. 😊😊😊