Carry no luggage,

Carry no worries,

Carry no judgment,

Carry no hatred.

Leave your old baggage.

Live life as if you’re not hurt.

Leave pains and regrets.

Yes, leave your past behind!



Knock. Knock. Knock.

Christmas is knocking.

Are you prepared?

The love that it brings,

The peace that it gives,

The forgiveness that it bestows,

The joy that it bequeaths,

Are you really willing to accept its gifts?

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Christmas is knocking.

The bells are ringing.

The flowers are blooming.

The birds are humming.

The angels are singing.

The people are smiling.

Indeed, the Lord is coming!

Rejoice for God is with us!

Be thankful for He has never left us.

Be joyous for He has done wonders in our lives.

Be loving for He has loved us very much.

Be forgiving for He has forgiven us despite our sins.

His love never fails.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Christmas is knocking.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Let Christmas enter your heart.

Are you ready?

Close your eyes and feel His presence.

Open your heart and accept Him fully.

Rejoice for God loves us!

The Lord will be with us forever!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Happy Ending (a Song)

When two souls met,

In that captivating moment,

One great feeling indeed,

Happiness is what you give.

One friendship sprinkled with love,

Dreams are built though we’re apart,

Intertwined destiny we have,

Baby, can I hold your heart?


Holding your heart, really falling,

Reasons unknown, just our hearts talking,

Wish we could have that happy ending,

we could have that happy ending.

In one moment, our hearts speak,

Hey, you make me reach the peak,

Now in your love, baby, I am totally awake,

Blissful moments, these all we make.

Repeat CHORUS..

You told me, patience is the key,

Thinking of you makes me crazy,

Happy ending is what you promise me,

Baby, I believe you so dearly.

Repeat CHORUS (2x)

ohhhhhhhhh.. ohhhhhhh…

Happy ending..

Composed by: Jeannie P.

Sung by: Kaoru Yokoyama (my student)

#I wrote this song because I was so inspired before… inspired because of love. Hmmm, well, I wrote this last November. Happy ending is the title. It suits me — END of our love story.. But I am happy now.. I have moved forward.. Thank you to my family and friends ! 🙂

A Tribute to my One-and-Only Glee! (Lea to Cory)

No more happiness, baby.

How I really feel sorry,

Ohh, I miss you terribly,

Can you give me a tight hug before you leave me?

Dreaming of a happy-ever- after story,

We promised to love each other heartily.

We vowed to marry,

But now, I, alone, speak of despondency.

Sometimes, life is unfair!

Why can’t we be together?

That saddest goodbye, I can’t bear.

Oh, how I long for your every stare!

No more wedding bells and kisses,

No more bliss!

What I have is terrible sadness,

Why do I have to suffer like this?

Ashes are everywhere,

Darkness is here,

I can see the bier,

The sarcophagus is near!

I can no longer hug you, baby.

I can’t kiss and see you daily,

Oh, you’ll be away in perpetuity!

That awful goodbye makes me so scrawny.

Goodbye, my husband-to-be,

I regret that we won’t even have a jubilee,

All I can give you is a eulogy,

Yes, a tribute to my one-and-only glee!

#This poem is lovingly dedicated to Ms. Lea Michele of Glee. I know it’s really hard to realize that the man of your dreams left you unexpectedly. No more wedding bells for Cory and Lea. How sad! The news about Cory Monteith made me sad. I am not a Glee fan but the news of his death is kinda gloomy. My condolences and prayers to Ms. Lea Michele of Glee.. Stay strong, girl!

I am Over You

I’m over you,

I know I am.

No more pains,

No more hatred,

Just forgiveness.

I am already emancipated,

from melancholy and heartbreak.

Yes, I am free and loved.

Acceptance, yes it is!

No more crying, I am at peace.

With my new beau, I find bliss.

The mighty knight who gives me solace.

I am over you, yes!

Happiness there is!

-Jeannifer Peralta ❤

Loved-up Lass :)

“Never again!” I exclaimed with utmost determination,

Pain and hatred were written all over my expression,

Unloved, taken for granted and lost in his dominion,

“I loathe him!” Definitely an explosion!

“Someday, I will forget everything about him,”

Obliviousness, waiting for you to happen,

Numbness, before you, I would scream,

“You’re just nothing!” I can be so mean.


Jeannifer Peralta