Quote to ponder on…

You can love someone, but what good does that love bring if you can never share it with that special person?

*Someone dear to me has uttered this statement. Now, I’m  trying to reflect on this…. Maybe, IT’S NOT JUST MEANT TO BE!


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It’s not about the distance. It’s not about the race. It’s not about the time. It’s not about the effort. It’s about your LOVE, COMMITMENT, PATIENCE, and LOYALTY to each other that make your relationship last forever.

Do you love me or you just need me?

“Do you love me because you need me?

Or do you need me because you love me?”

Think again. Needing is different from loving. Make sure of your feelings first. Most of all, don’t take advantage of someone else’s feelings just because of your petty needs. You might hurt her in the process. Beware! Do you love her? Do you need her? The answer lies on your hand. Think. Feel. Decide. 🙂