1. Never stop courting. Never stop dating. Never ever take that woman for granted.
  2. Keep a special place in your heart where no one must enter except for your wife.
  3. Fall in love over and over and over again. You will constantly change. You’re not the same people you were when you got married.
  4. Always see the best in her. Focus only on what you love. If you focus on what bugs you, all you will see is reasons to be bugged.
  5. It’s not your job to change or fix her . . .  your job is to love her as she is with no expectation of her ever changing.
  6. Take full accountability for your own emotions: it’s not your wife’s job to make you happy, and she can’t make you sad.
  7. Never blame your wife if you get frustrated or angry at her, it is only because it is triggering something inside of you. They are your emotions, and your responsibility.
  8. Be silly . . . don’t take yourself so damn seriously. Laugh. And make her laugh. Laughter makes everything else easier.
  9. Don’t be an idiot . . . And don’t be afraid of being one either. You will make mistakes and so will she.
  10. Don’t worry about money. Money is a game, find ways to work together as a team to win it.

* An edited version of Mr Rogers’ Facebook post


Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage

I do hope that my future husband will have a chance to read this beautiful article!

I admire the writer for being natural, honest and humble! Two-thumbs up!!!

-Jeannie ❤

A simple message to my beloved (dedicated to Ate Mace and Kuya Jay)

Love knows no distance. Indeed, I agree to this wonderful statement. Distance, miles, and time zones are never barriers nor hindrances to love and be loved!

After 10 years of being apart from each other, who have thought that we would end up as husband and wife? Destiny made its way to our lonely hearts and binded us again after those long years of no communication. God indeed gave us second chance to love again, to feel each other’s love and care.

Here I am now, truly grateful and blessed for being married to the one I truly love and deserve. I do believe that love really works in mysterious ways. Thank God I am with my husband now. I thank the Lord for leading me to the right man, to the man I really adore and care for.

And to my husband, thank you very much! I love you when you’re in the Philippines. I love you when you’re in Hawaii. I love you wherever you are. I would like to be near you. I’d like to have your arms around me. I’d like to wake up next to you every morning of my life. And yes, I’m very happy for I am with you now. I’m finally home, mahal! Answered prayers, right?

I promise you that we will never be apart anymore. Thank you for your love, care, understanding, and support. Mahal na mahal po kita.


Your wife ❤

An Open Letter to My Busy Husband


I know you’re busy right now. I also reckon that you need to finish your work today. Yeah, I understand that you must go out-of-town for business purposes. I know that you’re doing all of these for us, for the future of our child. Yeah, all for the sake of future.

I don’t know if you still remember our 5th wedding anniversary. I don’t know if you want to celebrate it with me. Many questions are rumbling here in my mind but I can’t find any answers to them.

You went to work early so we didn’t have the chance to talk. I wanted to greet you but your phone’s out of reach. It hurt me knowing that I couldn’t spend this special day with you.

Love, I still want to greet you Happy Anniversary. I also look forward to celebrating it with you though I don’t know when it will be. I still hope that you will greet me either. I expect those sweet messages and beautiful flowers from you. I dream of celebrating this day with all your surprises.

I’ve realized that we haven’t been to dates lately. We haven’t spent quality time together. We haven’t exchanged sweet messages and gifts like what we did before. I missed those days, my betterhalf.

You’ve been so busy lately. You’ve been a dedicated and hardworking businessman for the past fruitful years. But hey, have you intentionally forgotten that you have a family? A family who has been in need of your attention, love and care?

Few hours have passed. No calls, no texts from you. It saddened me. You’re really busy huh. I was excited but that excitement led to disappointment and hurt. I waited for you the whole night but you didn’t show up. I didn’t even see you nor greet you. Well, I would do it this morning.

I thought you’d come but you didn’t.

I was here waiting for you here in our house. I was here with our four-year old son. Oh, maids, whom you’ve been paying much, took care of us. Yeah, we’re home but you’re not with us.

Whole day passed but you’re not yet home. Surely, you’re so busy with that damn business. You told me before that all those things were for our child. True, I believed you.

I waited and waited. The waiting tormented me because you didn’t show up for one week. Our child kept on asking me why you’re not yet here. What would I tell him? That you’re just busy. Hell no! I knew he wouldn’t understand. I gave him toys, bought him new clothes and took him to amusement parks and malls. I did all those things to cheer him up, to prevent him from asking you again. I also went to spas, cinemas and shopping malls to buy new clothes. We’re happy but there’s still missing.. YOU.

Finally, you’re here! We were very happy to see and hug you. I thought something happened to you but I was wrong. You’re just busy! Our son was so eager to be with you again, so was I. I was expecting that you would say ‘sorry’ for not being with us on our anniversary but you didn’t. Again, it hurt me but it’s enough that you’re here with us again. I missed you, love. I wish you wouldn’t be away that long.

The next day, you went to work again. Hmp! I was there again, waiting for you to come home. Days passed and you became so busy. We seldom saw you at home. We rarely went to malls, restaurants or other places. “I’m busy”, you told us. It’s your usual alibi but I kept on telling myself that I should understand you because I’m your wife and I love you. I want to be an understanding wife. It’s fine. There are other days to be with you.

One day, I just woke up being used to all your busy schedules. Yeah, I’m used to those alibis, lies and other things that you told me. I’m used to getting up in the morning, seeing no traces of you. I don’t bother to text or call you anymore. I also don’t expect that you will be here during dinner. It’s ok if you come home late; it’s fine if we can’t be with you on weekends.  Don’t worry, I’m all used to it. I always tell myself that I should not expect more from you.

I am surprised for realizing that I don’t think of you that much anymore. I don’t yearn for your care and attention anymore. I don’t know! I become numb in waiting for you. My attention is on our child. I give him all my love and care. It’s ok, just focus on your work. I won’t interfere with your business anymore. I won’t ask for any favor from you. I just hope that you will not be surprised if you don’t see us in our house anymore. I hope that our child will still understand and love you despite your shortcomings. I hope that he will still consider you as his father.

You’ve been drowned at work. You’ve been addicted to meetings, conferences and other stuffs. You’ve forgotten that you still have your family. I can’t deny the fact that you still provide for us, the clothes, the house, food and other necessities but they fail compared to the longing that we need from you. We need you – your presence, love, care and attention. You’ve failed to give them!

Money and other luxuries can never replace happiness. I sometimes envy my friends, though they are not really rich but they’re complete and loved. They lack material things but they are blessed with so much love. That’s the bitter reality within us. We almost have everything but we’re not loved.

Yes, you’re definitely busy but heck, I need you. We both need you. We need your precious time. Why can’t you give that to us? Do I need to have an appointment with you? Do I need to consult your secretary for you to talk to me? Do I need to be your associate? What? Just tell me what to do and I’m willing to do it. I will do that not for my sake but for our son’s sake. He needs you so badly. He’s your son after all.

I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of understanding you. I’m tired of hoping for nothing. I’m tired of seeking for your damn time. Above all, I’m tired of loving.

Your wife

**When I was writing this letter, I thought of those wives who were actually seeking attention , love and care from their husbands.**

**Love and happiness are more important than money!**

An Open Letter to my Better Half

Dear Husband,

I hate to say this but you’ve really changed. Yes, changes that really made us uncomfortable with each other. I despise your weak alibis, ugly lies and effortless ways. Ohh, how I hate those things that are not really manifestations of your old self! You’ve changed a lot. Yes, you’ve changed a lot, making me so damn hurting. Why? What have I done to deserve such cold treatments? Have you forgotten our commitment? your promises of being with me through ups and downs of my life? Have you realized that I am not the one for you? Have you changed your feelings for me?

Sigh. Many questions, many speculations, many unexpressed feelings. Indeed unfathomable! I am tired of hearing lies, alibis and broken promises. I’m sick of those acts! Oh please, spare me those heartaches. I need you to answer my questions. I need you to clarify those unfinished business between us. I need you, here beside me to patch things up. I am really tired and sick of not being open. I am fed up with those pent-up emotions! Spare me those pains, please!

As days pass by, we become strangers to each other. We’re not talking anymore; we’re not exchanging sweet messages. I missed those days that you’re giving me flowers, sending me sweet texts, taking me to any restaurant that you fancy. Yes, I also missed those ‘I love yous’. When was the last time that I heard it from you? I can’t remember anymore. So sad!

I thought we’re perfect for each other but I’m wrong. I am really wrong. Now that you’ve heard my piece, would you reply to this? I’d love to hear your rants, your feelings, your thoughts hidden within. Let’s patch things up. We need to. It’s now or never.

I still love you. No one else.

Your wife

(This letter is inspired by the post that I’ve read. A post about a couple who’s struggling because of lack of communication. I do hope that the couple can really resolve their problems. I believe that communication is the key to any relationship.)