Carry no luggage,

Carry no worries,

Carry no judgment,

Carry no hatred.

Leave your old baggage.

Live life as if you’re not hurt.

Leave pains and regrets.

Yes, leave your past behind!


Loved-up Lass :)

“Never again!” I exclaimed with utmost determination,

Pain and hatred were written all over my expression,

Unloved, taken for granted and lost in his dominion,

“I loathe him!” Definitely an explosion!

“Someday, I will forget everything about him,”

Obliviousness, waiting for you to happen,

Numbness, before you, I would scream,

“You’re just nothing!” I can be so mean.


Jeannifer Peralta

First day of July, please be good to me!

I am stuck here in my room, feeling this excruciating pain! How I wish this agony would subside. Why does it happen every time I am stressed? Why does it happen when I consume much coffee and tea? Urrrgh.. Silly and stubborn lass.. 😦 I know it will happen. I am freakin’ upset because I can’t go to school because of this hyperacidity. Huhuhuhu.. I am so alone and sick here in my room. I can’t even do some paperworks. Urrrgh! Terrible, isn’t it?

First day of July, please be good to me! Pain, please subside now for I can no longer bear you.. Ohh heck! Hyperacidity be damned! Gosh!

Are you feeling the same way now? I hope not! Take care, fellows! Be safe and be healthy! 🙂

Jeannie in the bottle

My Downfall


I went to my room,

Full of gloom,

I felt I was doomed.

I’ve gained pain instead of love,

I’ve seen an ugly crow instead of dove,

I’ve been crushed instead of being uplifted in my own cove.

I hid my face in darkness,

Couldn’t face others with blitheness,

All I could think of was my soul in extreme dryness.

I felt down and crushed,

I wasn’t meant to be loved,

I was meant to be hurt and mocked.

Deep anguish covered my very soul,

It engulfed my body and made me such a fool,

Yes, you were really my downfall!

Pain.. Agony.. Misery..

Pain is all over my face,

Misery is all that you can trace,

Delight has no place,

Full of agony and no solace.

I can’t resist the pain,

It makes me so vain,

The pain heavier than rain,

 The rain that makes me insane!

I’m holding this little hanky,

Want to ease all my misery,

Still holding on so tightly,

Don’t want to be mushy!

Tears are falling on my cheeks,

Happiness, I want to seek,

I am at my worst peak,

I feel like a jerk!