If she… (Bob Marley)

If she’s amazing,
she won’t be easy.
If she’s easy,
she won’t be amazing.
If she’s worth it,
you won’t give up.
If you give up,
you are not worthy!
Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.

-Bob Marley 😊😊😊



T R Y by Pink

The lyrics of this song really caught my attention. The song was really beautifully written! Two thumbs up to one of the greatest RNB singers in the world — PINK!

“Funny how the heart can be deceiving,
More than just a couple times.
Why do we fall in love so easy,
Even when it’s not right..”

This track, “Try” is the official second single of Pink from her sixth studio album “The Truth About Love.” Enjoy watching this awesome video! πŸ™‚

Happy Ending (a Song)

When two souls met,

In that captivating moment,

One great feeling indeed,

Happiness is what you give.

One friendship sprinkled with love,

Dreams are built though we’re apart,

Intertwined destiny we have,

Baby, can I hold your heart?


Holding your heart, really falling,

Reasons unknown, just our hearts talking,

Wish we could have that happy ending,

we could have that happy ending.

In one moment, our hearts speak,

Hey, you make me reach the peak,

Now in your love, baby, I am totally awake,

Blissful moments, these all we make.

Repeat CHORUS..

You told me, patience is the key,

Thinking of you makes me crazy,

Happy ending is what you promise me,

Baby, I believe you so dearly.

Repeat CHORUS (2x)

ohhhhhhhhh.. ohhhhhhh…

Happy ending..

Composed by: Jeannie P.

Sung by: Kaoru Yokoyama (my student)

#I wrote this song because I was so inspired before… inspired because of love. Hmmm, well, I wrote this last November. Happy ending is the title. It suits me — END of our love story.. But I am happy now.. I have moved forward.. Thank you to my family and friends ! πŸ™‚

Just Give Me a Reason

Just give me a reason to hold on, to stay by your side, and to fight for our love. Oh, just give me a reason for I am sometimes tired of waiting, tired of understanding, and tired of trusting. JUST GIVE ME A REASON TO TRUST AGAIN.. TO WAIT AGAIN.. and TO LOVE AGAIN, BABY.

#Inspired by the popular song of Pink: Just Give Me a Reason πŸ˜€

Melody :)

Never say never dear,
Because you’re born this way.

I’m into you,
I can’t get enough of you.

You’re my superhuman,
You’re my extraterrestrial.

Till the world ends,
You’ll be my hero.

Listen dear,
Your love is my drug.

You give me everything,
You’re one in a million.

We belong together,
We are the perfect two.

God gave me you,
Thank God I found you.

I will always love you,
This I promise you!

2 Decades

Written by Ms. Regine Ortiz Rivero and performed by Ms. Ella Marie De Sesto and Ms. Arnhie Mei Elauria Manlangit, my lil sister’s friends at Mondriaan Aura College, Inc.., my dear Alma Mater πŸ™‚

Regine said:

It was 9pm- January 25, 2013.
I don’t know what to write, I can’t find perfect words. Suddenly, the words “2DECADES” came into my mind. Then, I wrote these:


Blue, red, yellow
Colors in the rainbow
Burst like fireworks
Can you light up the torch?

There are ups and downs
Hearing a high and low sound
But still spread your wings
Against the wind

Refrain: God, we still stand
To the moon and sun
We’re reaching with freedom

2 decades equals 7300 days
Soaring high to the sky
There’s no limit to fly
Painting colorful years
And now let’s have a cheer
For 2 decades of victory!

AURA, the light of youth
Education is not in mute
Stand up, speak out
The edge that you’ve got
To the world, a gift from Lord

Bridge: Makinig maigi ngayong gabi
Titindi ang pangarap natin
Ika’y Aurista, di ba, sama –sama tayong lumipad
Ilang taon man ang dumaan,
Angat ang araw sa kanino man
Pumikit, dumikit sa sinag ng araw
Lipad, lipad doon tayo lumipad
Abutin ang mga pangarap
Lipad, lipad doon tayo lumipad
Abutin ang mga pangarap


Interpretation: Marami kasing nagsasabing magsasara na raw ang Aura, pero habang tumatagal ang panahon, nananatili kaming matatag at anupat nangunguna pa nga dahil sa best quality of Education na mayroon kami.

I say:

(Two thumbs up for you, gals! I am proud of you! Let’s keep shining, Auristas!)